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  Cost reduction programs
To help you realize your potential, Mr.Sugu Aria,CPA,PC has developed consulting services that use your data to focus on improving those areas that have the most profound effect on your profits. By combining our benchmarking and consulting services, you are poised to maximize your potential.

Sugu Aria,CPA,PC works with its clients to reduce costs in all aspects of their business. Clients in both the production, and service sector can benefit from our cost reduction programs . We analyze our client's financial performance to identify their key cost drives . We then establish goals for cost reduction. Once goals have been established, we work with the client to identify key actions that can be taken to reduce costs and achieve these goals. Lastly, we hold regular cost reduction program review meetings to monitor the clients progress toward these goals. Our work in this area helps clients identify the key levers they can pull to reduce costs and improve their overall profitability .