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  Insurance claim support

Insurers, claim adjusters, their lawyers and other advisers need to know how much a claim is really worth before it is paid. Sugu Aria,CPA,PC works exclusively for the insurer, often in close partnership with loss adjusters, to ensure the factual and financial basis is sound. In insurance claims we calculate the actual amount involved, establishing a reliable basis on which to decide how much to pay - or whether to pay at all. Sugu Aria,CPA,PC gives support in negotiations, settlement and litigation.

Damage Determination

  • Site Visits
  • Assessment and costing of damage
  • Documentation including photos of damage
  • Collection and organization of important documentation

Expert Reports & Testimony

  • Preparation of expert reports
  • Preparation of graphics and presentations
  • Provide expert witness testimony during appraisals, mediations and legal proceedings.

Evaluation of Claims & Entitlement Issues

  • Policy review to determine entitlement
  • Policy review to determine limitations and exclusions
  • Identify problems with the case & claims

Dispute Resolution Support

  • Provide support and or be a presenter during negotiations, appraisals, etc.

Insurance Appraisal Services

  • Insurance claim appraisers
  • Cost consultants to insurance claim appraisers
  • Neutral insurance appraisal umpires

Insurance Companies
Consulting services to assist insurance companies in the evaluation and resolution of insurance claims.

Policy Holder
Consulting services to assist policy holders in determining policy coverage and the preparation and resolution of insurance claims